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Hello all,

I just bought a 2012 Ford Grand Cmax, used from a dealer. During the test drive he said it had GPS and I saw a little map and screen but didn’t pay too close attention to the screen other than to see it had the rear parking camera.

I finally got the car home and was going through the menus and noticed that it says “no gps”. When I go to the GPS info all it says is that it cannot establish the cars location.

Is there some trick to setting up the GPS? Or is it a faulty aerial as I’ve read in other forums?

Also secondary question, the car has a Western Europe V2 SD Card inserted but that also seems to be off as when I insert it it just says: “Destination is off the map. Please insert appropriate storage.”
The map is just a gray screen with the location dot in the middle. Is this a faulty SD Card or is it related to the aerial.

Many thanks!
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