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Hello guys,

My name is Seyi Banjo and I am new to the car parts industry.:)

I work for Euro car parts on the web team ironically.

However, weeks ago I was working in an organisation that was in another dimension from the one I'm in now.:D

I am really eager to learn about cars from everyone in this forum.

Now concerning the DISCOUNT CODES:):eek:

If you want to purchase any item for Eurocarparts. Let me know on the group.

Please send me a registration number or item code so I can create a custom discount code for you.

I can provide a discount code of 20-25%.:D

This Code will give you 20-25% off ALL car parts online. Simply put the code into the checkout and it will remove the 20-25% discount from all applicable items.

However if you can't find your item you can call 02034740500, email [email protected] or send a Fb Message .
Hope this helps

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