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I have a 2011 1.6 Diesel C MAX Titanium. It has done just over 20k miles.

I broke down a while back and had a diagnostics of "high to low on cylinder 2" took it to a garage where then changed injector 2. After that I broke down again with diagnostics "high to low on cylinder 3". I had a different mechanic take a look and found that the earth was bad and the wires to the injectors needed sorting out. After that the car drove better than ever but every time I go up a hill at about 70-80 I get a little misfire/hesitation then it pulls like normal. I took it back to the mechanic who checked all the wires again and did live data while going up a hill, it did what I said but there is no fault on the live data. Seemingly the car is "perfect". Injector 3 has also been changed incase it was that but no luck. It's got a new fuel filter aswel and fuel pressure is perfect. Has anyone come across this problem or have any ideas what it might be.

Thanks guys! Sorry for the long post!
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