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Hi all.

I have a CMAX 57 plate 1.6 Zetec.

Driving home a couple of nights ago the dials on my instrument panel twitched down and then went up and down randomly. The ESP light came and the display said "Engine malfunction" and "Reduced acceleration". This was after about 15 minutes of driving. Got home, turned off the car, turned back on again and the ESP light had gone off. Next day, again after 15 minutes driving the same thing happened.
Plugged in a scanner later and the error codes U0001 and U0121 P came up.
After a few hours drove home and again after about 15 minutes the ESP light came on and the car went in to limp home mode.
By googling I see the U0121 code may relate to the ABS of the car, but I have no idea where the ABS module is to check if I can see anything that might cause this issue.
Any ideas would be most welcome. Cheer. Grant
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