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Hi all,

I have a 2005 1.8 Zetec C-MAX and all of a sudden the remote central locking stopped working. Initially I thought it was the battery in the fob but even with a new battery it still doesn't work. I tried re-programming the fob (switch from I to II four times etc.) but I don't get the confirmation beep after pressing the buttons on the fob.

My keys get thrown about quite a bit so I bought a replacement fob but the new fob doesn't get the confirmation beep when re-programming either.

The central locking works fine and I have to manually unlock the door with the key and put the key in the ignition before the alarm goes off.

I suspect it may be the receiver or something more terminal with the remote central locking system but I don't know how to further diagnose the problem.

Any advice on whet to try next would be appreciated.
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