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I need help folks - Please!!!!
I've changed the cam belt and water pump. When I removed the crankshaft pulley and reluctor, I prised the latter off with a flat bar. I now realise I should have used the threaded holes in the centre part of the reluctor to remove it. Anyway, it came off in two parts: the outer ring and the centre piece that his keyed to fit on the crankshaft. I think I have damaged the rim of the outer ring and it looks like that contains the magnets which are sensed by the crank sensor. I have tried to start the engine and it won't have it!
First of all, is there a way I can re-align the outer ring with the centre piece so that it is timed with the crankshaft? Secondly, if I have damaged it, is there anywhere I can obtain another reluctor? I have contacted the local Ford dealership and they want £97 for a new one. I'll try and upload some photos later. Meanwhile, any advice would be welcome.
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