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Hello all,
Got a cmax few months back and have several issues to sort out.
I have a howling sound from the back (think the bearings are fine cause there is no clicking and the wheels are firm if you try to shake them),
Rear discs have signs of warping and are probably due for a change. Front discs also wraped but to a lesser degree.
Car pulls to the right and the steering wheel shakes, which is more noticeable if the tarmac is not completely smooth.
The pads seem new but I guess they will need to go also??
I did remove the caliper pins and grease them (were completely dry), I also replaced the rear stabilier bars which actually broke of completely.
I read across the forums that rear discs are 280mm always for a diesel but on my car they seem to be 265mm???
Car is 1.6tdci (80kw version).

So are those rear dics interchangeable or not (265 and 280).????
The pads for both sizes are the same.
Money is scarse now so what would you others do in what order from the list bellow.
Any smart advice is appreciated.

Replace rear discs and pads.
Replace front discs and pads
Wheel alignment
Tyre balancing.

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The shaking steering wheel is due to warped front disk and need changing asap along with new pads.
And I would change the rear disk and pads as well you cant put money before your life at risk and others you might find that this gets rid of the noise too an inner pad could be very low causing the noise.
I would expect a 1.6 to have 265 disk on the rear and you may need to change calipers to fit the 280 type.
Good luck,
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