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Couple of months ago I bought a 64 plate cmax 1.6 tdci with 50k on it.
All seems fine, plenty of pull, no clutch noises, smooth through the gears but one thing I am noticing is there seems to be a rattle/'clacking' sound outside when accelerating from low revs that smooths out around 2,500-3k rpm. How ever if I come off the accelerator then back on its noticable again.
Idles smooth and not noisy at all for a diesel(granted first one I've owned, but driven plenty with work)

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or a ball park as where to start looking, or is it just the engine noise, not really noticable with the windows up if that helps 馃う,


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I had a noise very similar on my older dm2 2007 it turned out to be the lower rear gearbox mount worn bare on the bearing mount and also the underfloor heat shield was tapping also.
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