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Hi all,
I have a Denso sat nav radio and it has come up with a screen showing only the numbers 1 to 6. i have disconnected the battery overnight to see if it would clear itself. i have no option to enter he security code. I have looked on the fordwiki page for the write up on the satnav and gone into the service menu.
The ACU on my screen is white and not enabled. My question is, will a replacement radio fix the issue or is it something to do with the CANBUS. also has anybody fitted an aftermarket radio to the stanav version as the climate controls are built in to the radio. I also have the code U1900 showing after scan with Forscan.

Any help would be appreciated, the car has only covered 96000 miles and has just gone straight through its mot so don't really want to get rid yet.

thanks Garry
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