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Now then fellow clod of faults enthusiasts.
I had an issue with the Sony radio system. The unit would turn on but the only buttons that were functioning were the power and ok buttons. The volume and hands free controls on the steering wheel also ceased to work. So I was stuck with a single radio station and no auxiliary connection. This wouldn’t have been too bad if the station wasn’t one that my teenage daughter had saved.

In the past I’ve normally done a quick google search for the fuse box diagram and pulled the corresponding fuses. This normally works. Sometimes for a day sometimes for six months plus. This time however it didn’t and nor did changing the fuses.

Having other jobs that I wanted to avoid I decided to take the unit apart and have a gander. After removing the control panel (with the help of a YouTube video) I pulled out the actual radio unit itself. It was too hot to keep a hold of. I’ve previously had cd’s that ejected in a similar state before the CD player stopped working. It rectified itself after a fortnight (I only use the CD player to play second hand cds I’ve purchased to annoy my family. An English Ladymass: Medieval Chant and Polyphony in Honour of the Virgin Mary anyone!?!). So, I left the unit dangling out in order for it to cool down. Once it did I popped it back in and put the control panel etc back in place.

Now. Bob may or may not be you’re uncle but I’ve got a working radio and functioning steering wheel controls. It may of course be a well timed coincidence but if you’re having the same issue for the sake of popping of a piece of plastic and turning a few screws it’s probably worth a try. Hope this helps if your in a similar predicament.
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