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Yesterday I did a forced regeneration on my 2010 Ford Grand C-max, 1.6 diesel duratorq engine.
I used Forscan.
Everything went ok, the regeneration process took about 25 minutes. After regeneratio I did an EGR reset following the instructions. I had a injector changed a few months ago and decided to write it's code into the car's ECU because it had the code from the old one. Nothing bad until this point.
My car was running perfectly until I did this 3 processes .
I did this because I was using the car only in the city and was worried I might clog up something (again, the car was ok).
I left the car for about 2 hours after the forced particle filter regeneration, EGR reset and injector coding and when I tried starting the car it died as soon as It started.
The second time I tried starting it I floored the throttle a bit and very sluggishly it started. I had almost no power to the engine, not even to move the car forward.
The engine was idling ok after it finally started but when accelerated it has a clunking metal sound and no power between 1400 and 2300 rpm. Over 2300 rpm it looses most of the clunking sound but it is still there.
I tried entering the old code from the injector but there was no change. I've let it idling for a while, did a few more resets and it got a bit more power.
I took it for a drive thinking that would solve the problem and noticed that the fuel consumption almost tripled, the metal clunking noise (sounds like the engine isn't running on all pistons or isn't running even) is still there, only when I accelerate. When I take my foot off the pedal the sound disappears. The instant fuel consumption when idling was 0.4 liters/hour before the regeneration and resets, now it's 0.9.
Please help, I don't know what else to do... I'm sure it's a programming issue somehow
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