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Hi all.

Found this site whilst searching for Cmax issues before committing myself to another one (Had a 1.6 diesel Ghia about 8 years ago. '54 plate)

Things change in life, sometimes rather dramatically...

Have been tooling around in a Hyundai Getz. Not a bad workhorse, in fact a great workhorse, but its design brief missed out words like refinement and handling. Has zero road presence too. So my son is about to recieve it once he gets his licence. It'll take all he can throw at it.

I've acquired myself an '04 2.0 diesel Ghia (leather interior, parking sensors and xenons) for peanuts. Seems all there apart from the DMF (goes in a week Monday. Garage is very busy due to MOT scheme backlog).

Only gripe is that it has an electronic handbrake.

Have some questions,but i'll post them somewhere more appropiate.
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