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Hi, saying Hello and anticipating possibly needing a little bit of help with a number of things

Car is a 2004 C-Max 1.6HDi and I'm based in North Wiltshire

Just bought and going well at the moment, save for a Powertrain warning light, which has only happened the once, Battery is prime suspect, I'm going to check its voltage at the weekend; but if that's not the case I'm thinking it'll most likely be the GlowPlug Relay

but the post I saw while I was googling said something about "having to have the new Relay programmed by a Ford Dealer"...
...I'm thinking surely there's a way around this and it might well involve using a Diagnostic Tool, would that be correct?

And would that be a Ford tool? ....coz I know that strictly speaking the 1.6HDi isn't a Ford engine.

It'd be good if it came with an Owners Manual, but it didn't, so if any of you have one but don't have the car any more and fancy parting with one for a reasonable sum, do shout.

Also: anyone got a preference regards oil for this? Last Oil Change isn't known and I've read some horror stories about this engine (but the vehicle was very cheap, so I took a chance).... I would however like to maximise my chances of the Turbo not expiring anytime soon by for instance keeping the oil nice n fresh.

Thanks everyone !!

Gonna have another look now to see how to add my location & car info to my signature, coz it escaped me.
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