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Hi everyone. I'm Richard. I have a 54 plate 1.6 petrol C-Max.

I bought it with 13 months MOT and no advisories.

I've had a few small issues with the car so far. The passenger side rear strut mount gave up so I replaced both at the same time. When I was repairing that I discovered that the driver's side damper was doing nothing so I replaced both of those too.

The car developed a rattle under acceleration which I discovered was due to the exhaust mount behind the Flexi being corroded right through. I've cobbled together a temporary fix until I can afford to replace from the manifold back.

I've read a lot of reports of issues surrounding the C-Max central locking and had an interesting one today.
Locks were working fine, both from key lock and the remote fob. Went to visit my parents and locked with the remote fob as usual. Went to go into the car and the driver's door won't unlock, with key or with remote. Got into the passenger seat and jumped over and drove home.

At home checked f77, no problems. Other 3 doors lock and unlock as normal. Thankfully before I forcefully ripped off the door panel I came to the conclusion that the mechanism must simply be sticking. I put the key in the lock and turned it, held it in the open position, pressed unlock on the fob and it seems that the force of the solenoid plus the key turning in the lock is enough to pop it open.

It won't lock with a button press but it will with the turn of the key. I'm waiting until the weekend and I'll take the door card, door panel and lock out, then I'll strip, clean and grease it. I'm pretty sure it'll solve the problem. I'll take photos on the way and make a thread showing the steps.
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