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Hi everyone,
I have very recently bought a second hand Titanium 1.6 petrol ecoboost .
Unfortunately the car broke down after some miles.
I would like to share my experience with you , if anyone has ever had any similar problems please share it.
BTW the car is going back to the garage I bought it from in a couple of days.

Whilst on the motorway I tried to use the cruise controls ,
shortly after that the car started loosing power.
I had to drop gear from 6th to 4th or even 3rd in order to build up some speed but the car couldn't do more than 3000rpm.
Temperature gauge was showing normal 90 degrees.

Eventually I had to pull over as the engine light came on.
The engine started stalling
The heating in the cabin wasn't working as well, it was blowing cold air.

The AA mechanic inspected and found that the coolant level was quite low hence the loss of power and heating issue ,
Could not see any obvious leaks.

Everything was looking good after topping up the coolant .

Heating in the cabin was back to normal and the car was driving perfectly alright for some miles until I turned on the cruise control , which by the way wasn't very responsive as I had to push the + or - button multiple times.

Same thing happened as before.
Only now with more issues and funny readings on the temperature gauge.
The gauge was showing 120 degrees but would reset to 90 after turning the engine on and off.
I moved for 20 meters and it went back to 120c.

Tried for a couple of times , same fault.

The mechanic spotted bubbles in the coolant container.

The dashboard started playing up a lot with messages such as , the key is missing , check tyre pressure and so on.

The AA man said it looks very very strange , the bubbles in the coolant container may be an indication that the engine gasket is faulty and the computer is playing up.

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