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Hi All,

I own a Ford Focus C-Max 55 Plate, I got it back from a garage on Monday where it passed it's MOT. However, since getting it back there is now a loud 5 second long singular beep when I turn the ignition on as well as when the engine is running. This beep seems to sound after every 60 seconds.

I've spoken to the garage I took it to but rather unhelpfully he told me he heard the beep but had assumed it was a normal thing as there were no errors showing up on his diagnostic machine. Also from the fact that it's passed the MOT I can assume the car's not on it's last legs, right?

After spending a while on the internet looking into the issue I have found a number of "solutions" which haven't worked for me. They are:
Checking all the doors are fully closed
Ensuring it's not the seatbelt warning beeps (There are multiple beeps and a light on the dash when I remove my seatbelt so it's not that)
The temperature warning mechanism (Previously I'd get either an orange or red snowflake depending on if it's less than 4°C and never a beep but it says 6°C on the dash)

I can drive the car no problem, just obviously don't want to drive a car that's about to die on me!

I've also noticed since the beeping started the clock on my radio seems to set to a random time every time I turn the engine off, however I realise that this could be an unrelated issue.

Many Thanks,

Harry Smith
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