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C-MAX Titanium, Petrol 1596cc, 123BHP, 2011,
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- Damaged small cog/gear in speedometer needle housing -

My car was cleaned internally but left damp.

The whole cluster stopped working, so I removed it and used a hair dryer to dry the board - working fine now happy days!

However in the process of removing it I took apart the white small boxes that house the speed/RPM/fuel gauge needles- one of the small cogs/gears that drive the needles became damaged. Put back together all working apart from fuel gauge needle because I damaged the little cog.

- Here's the question I need help on -

Where can I get those small cog/gears from? currently I'm looking at replacing the entire cluster (north of £600) for a the sake of small cog; does anybody know a part number/name of component for that little driving cog and where to get them from?

Thanks in advance.
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