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Hello, folks, just popping in to introduce myself. I've been in Europe for about 6 years now, most of it here in Bretagne.

For most of my adult life I've owned old Range/Land Rovers (2 RRC, 1 P38, x2 D1) and Jaguars (1 XJ6, x2 XJS). Now that I live in France and want a better outcome for my second marriage, we have a Ford C-Max, my first since a 4cyl fox body Mustang I drove around in Uni.

We've got a 2007 model with a "Ghia" edition emblem on the wings. It's either a 2.0L or 1.8L diesel - I'm not sure, tbh. It's ran so well I've never really had to look. Historically I've done most of my own work (tips hat to rover folk). The ol' girl has been a rock solid reliable people mover for us for two years but is starting to hit some serious maintenance needs - suspension, brakes, coolant flush, etc.

I already found a thread here with other mystified souls suffering a stubborn coolant cap, and suspect I will have more questions and seek more input while making the rounds.

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