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Hello to every one,
First of all my CMAX is wonderfull and as been in the family since the beginning (year 2004) i know all the problems that it had.
Recently a problem happened to me that i can't solve. I stopped having ventilation and AC.
My first step was looking in the fuse box and every thing was ok. After that i assumed that it could be the resistor of the blower motor.
I looked for resistor near the blower motor but I could not find it.
Later I found out that my car has 2-zone automatic ventilation and that the resistor does not exist in this case.
Can someone confirm this situation to me?
Second, I removed the blower motor and using the serial number part (3M5H18456CC) bought a second had one because a new one is very expensive (400 €) even in retail shops.
When the second hand blower motor arrived I went to install it and to my amazement it didn't work either.
The climate control panel apparently is working because the dials light up and the buttons do all the functions what I don't have is the fan working.
Does anyone have any ideas or do I really have to buy another blower motor. :unsure:
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