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Morning all,

I've recently purchased a 2009 (59 plate) 2L diesel Titanium tiptronic automatic C-Max with 98k on the clock but it has developed two strange issues that are starting to bug me.

Issue 1: After start up, headlights on auto setting, if I am sat idling I notice this intermittent dip in the headlights, almost like the power is being drained then cuts back in. I have recently replaced the battery with a Bosch S4 72AH 680CCA type 100 battery so power supply shouldn't be the issue yet the problem still exists?

Issue 2: Again shortly after start up, if I turn the steering wheel to the right the steering becomes heavy but only between say 12 and 2 (if you was looking at a clock face), after around 4-5 turns of the wheel this issue goes away and by the time i'm in work (30 minute drive) this issue is non-existent until I start up again.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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