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I posted about 2 weeks ago regarding my clutch. Anyway cars now had a new clutch and dual mass flywheel, when I picked it up the gauge was at about 1/2 a tank (it had 3/4 when it went it but thought nothing of it). I’ve only driven it 3 times since it came back and this morning it was showing at 1/4 of a tank, so popped to the petrol station to fill it. The pump cut off after filling by £17 worth which I thought odd and when I started the car it was saying I only had a bit under 3/4 of a tank. I’ve since been to the supermarket and done a school run and it’s now showing just over half a tank so I’m perplexed a little lol

is it possible it needs an update or recal? Or is it likely the garage have knocked a sensor or something? Also weird I was driving down a road and the system fault warning popped up, restricting revs but the garage ran a free health check and they said nothing major needs doing to it now and my obd isn’t picking up any faults ?‍♀ I’m not sure if they are separate issues or linked in some way. I turned the car off and back on again and the message didn’t come back on but it does concern me, it drives really well on the whole, it just seems the more it’s fixed, the more things go wrong with it ?

If it is a needed update etc is that a dealer job and expensive? The fuel gauge was fine until the new clutch kit and dmf were fitted.

thanks in advance
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