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Not finding anything (apart from another post I did about fordpass app) I thought I'll start a thread for owners experiences with the app, & also allow posters to ask questions, offer hints, tips &/or advice about it as I can't seem to find much googling other than USA based posts.

I'll kick things off with mine

First things first... I have a 2018 C-Max, I have paired my phone/Fordpass app with the car successfully (I think)

I don't have any Fordpass approved apps on phone so these don't show up on Sync 3 screen, although I can control/Playback music from phone through Sync 3. I've not set up 'emergency assist', or set up the car as a WiFi hotspot (see later why), but the Car IS connected to my Home WiFi (as is my mobile)

In the Fordpass app - under view vehicle details - are where the problems start.

The first page should show Fuel Level, Odometer, Oil life, Local Dealer name, Live Traffice status, & the 'Glove box' details/support

First problem - the msg up top is never 'up-to-date'
> Today - as I post this - it is 31st Oct, & the message shows 'Updated 22 Oct 2018'

> The 'Fuel Level' gauge is showing nothing at all - just an empty 'E > F' gauge

> The Odometer & Oil life DOES seem to be working, but mileage is wrong (It currently showing 444 Mi yet car is showing 505mi)

> the Dealership is correct, Live Traffic is Disabled becuase I've not turned it on
- This is because I have a PAYG Mobile (no 'free' Data plan) & [I suspect] the Car 'WiFi Hotspot' not turned on either

> The Glove box details are showing Nickname/Number plate/VIN & odometer

> The Find/Guides & Account along bottom all work as they should

Now according to various FordPass posts/articles etc (which I believe are mainly USA based) I'm supposed to be able to see my Fuel level, Start car, Unlock/lock car etc with the App...

... HOW ???
..... What am I missing ?????

Why am I not able to at least see how much fuel I have in the car ??
- I have seen posts about turning on the 'WiFi Hotspot' feature, but nothing that says it SHOULD be on to allow the fuel gauge to show up (if at all)

It also seems as though there's 2 types of Fordpass... Fordpass and Fordpass Connect..

How do I know which I have..
....I assume I have the Connect since in Sync 3 I have options for wifi Hotspot & while on the subject of WiFi hotspot
... How long is the 'free' complimentary offer last - I've seen mention 2-3month, while other places I've seen 2 years subscription to lIve traffic updates & on top of this how much does it cost afterwards, & which vodafone data package is it

Can anyone help ?
Post here your experiences with the App, problems you have/had & maybe even solutions

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I just saw the post was 2018 so a bit late to post this and I suspect it didn't exist back then - the FAQs on the ford website tell you the difference between Fordpass and Fordpass connect.
( I added the link but they blocked it as it's my first post )
FordPass Connect is the embedded modem that provides internet access directly from the vehicle and allows access to vehicle data for the activation of connected vehicle features. Important details about the modem include:
  • FordPass Connect uses a SIM card to exchange data.
  • Vodafone is the FordPass Connect data supplier.
  • FordPass™ offers a free trial period for the first 2 years of ownership.
  • Note: FordPass Connect subscriptions will only include the following with a new vehicle purchase:
  • 2 years* Modem subscription - Allows use of FordPass Connect features.
  • 2 years* Live Traffic subscription.
  • 3 months* or 3GB trial of Wi-Fi Hotspot from Vodafone.
I am trying to see how to enable Live Traffic as there is a radio button to enable it but it does not work, i.e. it cannot be turned on. It may be a legacy menu item and is on by default now as I can see traffic info in the NAV screen. I'm searching to see if Ford have a support forum where we can post issues, get bug updates and provide feedback on the software.

I'm unable to find any fordpass approved apps that will show on the apps menu other than Fordpass connect which is their own software.

2020 and the software is still buggy - but then that's agile development for you!

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If you search the Voda website for FordPass it shows nothing, there's a different website for it. I'm not able to advise further at the moment but I'll post more when I get home and back to my PC.

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The website you need for all the information regarding FordPassConnect is
There's a FordPass contact number, 01277 254745 and they were very helpful regarding details of what the app could do, how to get registered and how it all worked.
My 17 plate C-Max hasn't got the modem, only wifi, but it does work in a very limited way with the FordPass app.
A hired Focus I was using while my car was being repaired had one. I added the hire car to the app on my tablet to see what it would do, and I could unlock and lock it, it showed the mileage and fuel level, and one or two other things that I don't remember.
Because it was a hire car I didn't add any apps to the Sync3 but I do recall seeing a few on either the Sync3 or a web page but it was over month ago and I have forgotten what was available. Nothing of interest to me, though.
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