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Hi all, thanks in advance for reading this.

Around one month ago, my Ford C-Max Titanium TDCI 1.6 (2015 reg) began to show the car fob low-battery warning on both of my keys.

So yesterday I get around to changing the battery on both at the same time, I have done this once before with no issues so did not think twice about it.

Today I've gone out to my car and neither of the keys are opening the door, I use the internal key to unlock the doors and the alarm goes off. I then pop the fob into the ignition hole, the alarm switches off and the engine starts. The car then continually reminds me that the FordKey is not in the car when I go on my journey.

I've tried a couple of the videos on YouTube to access the FordKey menu (eg. Pressing the start/stop four/six/eight times) and re-programme, but I don't seem able to access the car menu this way.

Any ideas are hugely appreciated. I don't know much about cars but I'm very good at following instructions ;)


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