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Morning all, hope someone can help,

I have a ford c-max 2008 1.8 tdci 129000 miles on the clock, have had the car 4 years.

Broke down last weekend, after not driving the car for 5 weeks, due to lockdown, only done short journeys to the supermarket and this was it's first long drive about 40 miles door to door

Was driving down the m3 on way back home, doing about 60-70 mph, put my foot sharply down on the accelerator and the car cut out, pulled up on the hard shoulder and tried to re-start it again, it would crank but would not start, flashed up on the dash oil, battery and caution lights and a fault on display, was saying power steering malfunction

Called breakdown, he turned up, did all the usual checks, but couldn't get my car to start, saying it was the starter motor or alternator, he was not sure at all, he was a bit confused, so got towed home.

Can't be the alternator, as the battery has still loads of charge to this day and the alternator was 6 months old when I brought the car.

Brought a new battery 2 months ago, so it's not that, had new glow plugs in December, it has a 6 month old new maf sensor.

On advice of the breakdown, Brought a starter motor and fitted it, but still won't start
I have checked the condition of the cam belt, thats all nice and tight no play in it

Checked all fuses and had a spare maf sensor so changed that, but still no joy starting

Also the power steering malfunction that was displayed on the display, when I broke down has now disappeared, i think this was just due to it stalling when i broke down.
Put a fault reader on to see if there was any faults, nothing came up at all.

Now thinking about it and checking the haynes manual, the way the c max cut out after me sticking my foot down, makes me think that the fuel is not getting through properly and I think its possible that the fuel pump is dead or the regulator sensor is dead?????
Pulled the fuel filter out it was a little dirty, but not that bad, no bits or gunk.

I am completely baffled now????
Can anyone help

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Hiya, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm sure that your lower wet belt has snapped, the 1.8 tdci has 2 belts one upper normal belt and a lower wet belt wet because it's constantly in oil.
And now the bad news is that it's sure to have destroyed your engine.

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