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Does anyone know where the main alarm control module is located and how I can access it?

My alarm keeps going off at 2am and/or 4am in the morning. It seems to be moisture or temperate dependant. I've taken it to Ford dealer, and they diagnosed it as water damage to the main control board and replaced it. That was three weeks ago. Now with the heavy rain the alarm has started to sound early in the morning again. Very odd, as it never happens during the day. For now I've disconnected the Alarm horn, but obviously I want to actually fix the problem. I think I can do it myself, but I just need to know where to find the alarm module.

Any help would be appreciated. Alternatively if you can point me in the direction of a legitamite workshop manual I can buy for download, that would be most helpful. I know you can get TIS manuals on DVD, but I really need something urgently.

Any help appreciated.


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