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Hey everyone, hope you're all well!
Servicing my 2006 Ford Focus CMax Petrol 1.6 I came across a few things, but I'm not sure on the level of severity of each.
Hope you don't mind me picking your guys brains! ^^

1) Blackened spark plug threads. Normal, or sign of engine wear? Oil/carbon deposits/dirt?

2) Electrodes look good for cylinders 1 & 3!
But 2 & 4 look quite light? Weak fuel mixture?

3 & 4) Leak from one end of the steering rack.
PAS fluid hasn't dropped.
Does this need immediate attention?

5 & 6) PAS pipe grommets deterioration.
Will this provide much excessive movement?

Also in 6, that pipe hanging is from the bulkhead.
Is this some sort of drain pipe, or a loose AC pipe?

7) AC pipe to compressor split. AC not working, could this be the cause?
I don't know if the metal weave under the rubber still provides a seal?

Thanks for your patience and engagement!

Many thanks!!!

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