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Hi all
I would appreciate any advice from anyone on here.
I have a CMax on a 10 plate, 1.8L TDCI Diesel.
It had it's MOT 2-3 weeks ago, all it needed was a NSR tyre. All seemed ok following my MOT until this week.
However last week I did have 2 separate and quite heavy knocks in the road, 1 raised/temp road surface and the other raised kerb knock on a motorway slip road, (the slip road incident occurred approx 4 days before the ESP light come on.
Also (could be related) I did in the past get the occasional sputter (it ran and accelerated fine) until I had to have 1 of injector valves replaced approx 10 months ago. The car again sputters intermittently, but the only malfunction alight is the ESP light.
I do not want to spend out on additional repair, if it could be related to a simple alignment issue.
My mechanic cannot see me for another week, so I am not able to seek their help until then.
Thanks in advance
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