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Hello my name is Tony 1st problem and 1st ford so I have joined the forum and look forward to discussing items in the future

My Wife has a 2014 grand cmax 1.6 tdci purchased just 10 months ago low miles 23k

eventually the display prompted oil change service

I changed oil, the filters oil, air, pollen and fuel filter, using a hand pump to prime fuel filter after removing.

all was good with the world :) 2/3 weeks later the EML light is active so I have a cheap scan tool Maxi scan MS309

It read code PO42E $07E8pd with a statement:
DTC definitions not found! refer to vehicle manual a bit of googling =
P042E Exhaust Gas Recirculation A Control Stuck Open

So I decided to clean EGR it can be removed with engine cover off and two T30 bolts, and the 5 pin electrical connector when removed it was very dirty so cleaned with carb cleaner still jammed so wire brushing and prying I managed to free the plunger and removed all debris from the plunger shaft I can now move it forward with my thumbs and the spring returns it fully closed.

So refitted EGR and cleared codes but after 2 mins of driving it throws the EML on again and loses a bit of power Not as smooth.:mad:

any ideas?? what to try next please help

I have a few questions:
1 > I took the motor of the plunger base it can only be fitted one way does this motor rotate 360 deg when in operation ?
2 > If I bur a NEW EGR assembly do they need to be programmed.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards Tony

PS what are the tags for on the bottom before posting
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