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This car was converted by Special Vehicle Projects from new as Ford's demonstrator/show car for the ambulance market.

After a year or so it was put into a local Ford dealer from where we purchased it in 2006 for use by my wife. She was a volunteer accident doctor and wanted something she could just leave ready and loaded with all her kit rather than clutter up her “nice” car.

I have used it over the past few years for going to and from paramedic training school and placements. Having completed this I now need something with more luggage space for my kit.

This car is very very quick, the low mileage for age is genuine and provable. The vehicle has not been subjected to the sort of constant high speed use/abuse that front line vehicles usually get, but it is fully set up for this kind of work, and the occasional check drive has been undertaken to ensure it remains fit for use.

Engine 2.0 Diesel Zetec TDI with a six speed manual gearbox. "Police spec and chipped" is what I was told by the dealer and some years later by one of the companies involved in the conversion. I've been told other things about the engine being special but have no way of knowing exactly what that means.

Fully Service and all MOT concerns dealt with December 2021, along with a full set of new Pirelli tyres and aircon re-gas.

New starter motor mid November 2011

Heated Windscreen

Xenon headlights, very bright and fantastic in poor weather

Front fog lights

Towball with full electrics. We have used this to tow a trailer with a motorcycle on a couple of times.

Locking wheel nuts (with “key”!). I also have the radio code.

Parking sensors

Vehicle had a minor shunt in about 2010, a full respray was done at that time.

All livery replaced in 2020 with stuff guaranteed for 7-10 years, or you can remove individual panels to make them other colours (for example as a security or escort vehicle) or remove it all. I can supply details of the company that did all this and have the templates if you want. Rubber floor mats all around so carpets in quite good condition (front) and excellent (rear)

Mileage as at 4/2/22: 101,307. This may change as the vehicle is in occasional use still.

Based in Essex not far from Stansted

Fitted for Garmin Zumo 660 satnav. That unit can be available to you separately or I can remove that mount which is a clip on a vent

Currently taxed as Ambulance so exempt from Congestion Charge, Dartford Toll and others. You will need to advise DVLA if you want to change this and they will want photographic proof of removal of ambulance markings and blue lights.

Known issues

Front door speaker (Drivers side) has failed and been disconnected.

The top line on the LCD display sometimes shows fewer pixels than it should.

The cap on the washer fluid input is missing

The "rails" on the top for standard roof bars have been removed.

The remote keys (I have both, plus a backup key) need to be re-programmed to the vehicle.

Other information.

The boot area has an additional shelf made of Dexion just to keep all our bags accessible. This can be easily removed.

There are Anderson plugs front and rear, along with fittings and a box for an auxiliary battery if you want to reconnect all this.

All the emergency equipment is disconnected at the battery (lightbar, blue lights, Siren, public address) and would need to be recomissioned or removed but the wiring is all there if you want floodlights, beacons etc, with multiple options if you have something unusual in mind. All the electronics are housed in what would be the space for the spare wheel, so therefore there isn’t one of those.

There are additional concealed compartments under the rear footwells, one of which has significant power connections for radios but could be used for almost anything.

Hoping for some expressions of interest as insurance rolls over 11/2/22 and I’d prefer not to have to renew if I don’t have to as I don’t get partial refunds on my policy.

Looking for around £3k as I need to purchase a suitable replacement and an expensive cardiac monitor, and this car really does run very, very well. I can drive it with you observing if you require prior to purchase.
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I now have located a third remote key which is mated to the vehicle and works the remote locking, alarm arm/disarm etc.
The other two just need battery changes and reprogramming and I will ask in the support section of this forum for advice on how to do this.
In total three remote keys (all of which have worked for this vehicle in the past and work the mechanical and ignition locks) and one smaller service key that is not remote.
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