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Firstly, I've always been a Petrol Engine driver, so the info I know about Diesels can quite literally be written on the back of a postage stamp

Secondly, this is a genral question & not any particular manufacturer/make/model of car

I've also never driving one & plan to never own one, however I'm a little bit curious about what a neighbour does each time he get in his (old) diesel car

What he does is go out, start the car up - goes back in the house while leaving the car idling - sometimes for a short period of ~1minute

but - like today - left it idling for ~15mins (@ ~7:30am just after I got into bed from Night shift)

Now he does this virtually EVERY time he takes the car out.. whether in the morning, midday or in the evening. Even if he's only just got back from a previous drive (like dropping the kids off, comes back to pick something up then goes out somewhere else)

Now, as I said I know virtually nothing about Diesels - only stuff I've overheard such as
> When it's cold outside (ie Snow on ground) Diesel may need to idle to allow better performance
> It's usually a good idea to let Deisels idle for a short while before turning the engine off
> Too much idling could cause damage to the engine (I think this relates to both Diesels & Petrol)

> Diesel are better for 'long runs' while Petrol is better for short stop/start journeys

(Of course - the experts here will easily confirm/deny what I believe in)

But could any experts here tell me WHY he does this ?
Is there any particular reason to leave his diesel idling for so long ?

Could it be he's just to ignorant about diesels, or he does it just to annoy the neighbours ?
(My personal choice is the 2nd one - not many neighbours get on with him ;))

So could perhaps someone shed some light on this little matter as to WHY he does this - if there IS any particular reason why he does it in the first place

Many thanks in advance

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Don't know about diesels,but I always let mine(petrol) tick over after arriving home but only about 30 seconds,Got told it's somat to do with the computer storing data,but don't quote me on that.
Also been told if it's a TURBO engine (petrol or diesel) to let it tick over before switch off so the iol in the turbo is not blown off by revving up the engine then switching off.
Back to Petrol,Iv'e never hit the throttle while starting the engine,I just use the key,because of the auto-choke does not req any throttle.
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