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hey guys and girls. New member here! My fiancé and I are expecting our first child next month and my car of choice to ferry us around is a 07 Ford C-Max Titanium. Very happy with the purchase all in all, but I’ve encountered a couple of issue which I hope someone may be able to help with diagnosing.

1 - The car has a slight intermittent shake to it whilst sitting idle, this can be before a drive or after a drive but I usually notice it more when I’m sitting in the car having just driven to work.

2 - upon first start up the revs climb to about 1100 and stay there for a couple of moments before dropping back to 8-900.

3 - whilst driving if I coast in neutral with clutch up the revs spoke to 2-2500 and drop anywhere from 300-0 causing the battery light to flash up and sometimes cut the car. If I coast in neutral with clutch down it’s fine, and if I coast in gear it’s fine. Once car is warm it’s better but still the Rev counter needle moves around by 1-200 constantly.

Any help diagnosing would be appreciated. With a new arrival on the way I’d like to keep costs down. I’m very hands on but not very mechanically minded. I have friends and a Haynes Manual though
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