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I purchased my 2005 Ford CMAX 2.0 diesel in October last year. After a couple of months, it started to fail every couple of days with messages "Steering Assist Failure, Total EPB failure, Engine Systems Fault", sometimes with the immobiliser light flashing, sometimes the car going into limp mode.
I called the RAC, who advised the battery was faulty, giving only 7v. I replaced the battery and checked the voltage on the battery and alternator were correct.
I bought a Forscan OBDII connector and installed the software on my PC. This showed fault codes:
PCM:U0001-F1, U0140-F1, U0155-E1, U0121-F1, U0073-E1, U0131-E1, P1935-61, P1934-E1, P0691-62.
OBDII:p1935-C, U0001-P, U0121-P, U0140-P, U0155-P,
ABS:U2012-A0, U1900-A0.
EPB:U0073-A0, U1900-A0, U2023-A0.
EPS:U0073-20, U1900-20.
IC:U1900-20, U2197-20, U2200-20, U1147-60, U2510-20.
I cleared the DTC fault codes with the Forscan and could then drive the car for a day or two. However, I could not take these DTC faults seriously, which were anything from fan failure to engine failure and could not all fail at once.
I cleaned up all the earth connections, removed all the fuse box connections and cleaned these, but to no avail.
Looking on the user forum, I see others having similar issues, but they never said if or how they were resolved.
Eventually, the problem happened more and more frequently, making the car unuseable.
I was quoted £80 plus £50 callout charge for a mobile car electrician to test the vehicle, but he never turned up. I gathered that, if he did turn up, he would charge a further £300 to fix the problem.
Looking at various online advice, it seemed this must be either an ECU fault or an Instrument Cluster (IC) fault.
On ebay, I found IC same day repair services for between £40 and £80. I emailed the fault codes to 3 of them that services 2005 models. The first response came from Pelicandiagnostics, who said the code showed there was a problem with the IC and offering a repair for £57.99, including next day return.
This came back repaired a day later. I refitted it, cleared all the DTC faults, and car ran perfectly. A great service, highly recommended.
So, to all those members who have talked about having the above symptoms, but have not resolved them, I would say, before you spend any money on testing, get your Instrument Cluster repaired.There'sood chance it will fix the problem at half the cost.
If this does not work, there are similar servies for the ECU test and repair.
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