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Hi. I’ve searched all over the internet and this forum for a solution for my specific issue. I have a Sony radio with display. Please see image. This is not a touch screen unit and does not have Sat Nav. It’s a simple radio, CD Player and Sync Bluetooth unit. I am guessing it is Sync 1, hence none of the fixes I have tried have worked as they all seem to be for later versions of Sync
When I press the Aux button the screen goes blank and almost immediately goes back to the Radio, which plays fine. When I access the Menu I can see Sync Settings and Sync Applications. Neither of these sub-menus are available. Trying to navigate right into the sub-menu does nothing. Pressing the Phone button also does nothing
I have read that removing the fuse may cause the unit to reset but have not been brave enough to try that yet. I have also read that disconnecting the battery can have the same result. Again, reluctant to do this. I’ve read that I don’t need the radio code if I did do that as it is automatically established between the unit and the ECU when re-powered
Does anyone have any kind of reset procedure I can try before I try the fuse or battery option please?
I think I managed to reset the system once before but annoyingly I can’t find any trace of the procedure I used and being a forgetful idiot I don’t think I made a note of the process. Maybe I just got lucky. I can’t remember

Can anyone please help me with this issue? Many thanks in advance for any advice received. Thanks. Bob
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