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Imagine buying a C-Max only to discover the MOT is full of advisories which could end up costly when it actually breaks/goes wrong. Imagine how frustrated you would be at having to fork out tons of money for a car you just purchased. Well fret no more! Below are two links to help you out!
Thanks to smart phones with the internet you can now tax this vehicle as soon as you buy it but this site will show you whether the vehicle is classed as SORN meaning it can't be on the road. It also shows when the tax and MOT period are up. You'll also get some details about the car including colour, engine size etc. Below is an example of information you can expect...

✓ Taxed
Tax due: 01 May 2017

Expires: 20 September 2017

Vehicle details
Vehicle make: FORD
Date of first registration: 13 June 2005
Year of manufacture: 2005
Cylinder capacity (cc): 1596cc
CO₂Emissions: 166 g/km
Fuel type: PETROL
Export marker: No
Vehicle status: Tax not due
Vehicle colour: BLACK
Vehicle type approval: M1
Wheelplan: 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
Pop in the registration of the vehicle and the make (which would be Ford obviously!) and click search. This will bring up a full list of MOT history since the MOT information went online. This will cover every pass as well as every fail! You can also use this to check mileage as of the last MOT giving you a chance to see if it has been 'clocked'. Plus how many times has a vehicle been relisted for that it still says 12 months MOT yet a check online may show there's only 6 months left. The Below is an example of some information you will find:

MOT history of this vehicle
Test date: 6 September 2016
Expiry date: 20 September 2017
Test Result: Pass
Odometer reading: 117,249 miles
MOT test number: 7748 4800 3324

Advisory notice item(s):
front Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g)
nearside rear Child Seat fitted not allowing full inspection of adult belt ()
Oil leak ()
While these two things won't necessary mean you won't ever buy a lemon it just gives you a heads up on the faults the car has along with the car information to ensure you are being sold the correct car!

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Cheers for that info Phil.
Just checked mine,apart for a loose headlamp way back.
The other only advizeries seem to be ENGINE COVER +Under trays fitted obscuring some parts of underbody???
Surely the Engine and under trays are Factory fitted??
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