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Long story short - 2007 PFL Cmax, went to reflash my PCM as it had a shoddy remap done so wanted it back to standard. I've done this a fair few times on other fords so I've some experience.
Got the correct AS BUILT data and saved VID block first, double checked part numbers and got the correct software.
Using elmconfig I begin the update but as soon as it gets to the end it goes finishing...reboot...dtc clearing... then i get an error saying not supported.
At this point it's wiped my old map and the PCM is blank so no starting and PCM not communicating with other modules.
Elmconfig also says PCM type does not match the software (it does i've triple checked).
Any advice? I've been at it 3 days now and I've got a replacement PCM coming just in case. Thanks!
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