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Hello, my name is Bill King (King William
) and we just purchased a new, red 2013 C-Max Hybrid SE. Snow has temporarily parked our car, but we're looking forward to many happy miles. Pictured below are day one and day two. That bully-bumper out back is to prevent the Chicago Kiss.:mad:

I traded in a 2010 Honda Civic LX because we spent so much time sitting at red lights here in Chicago that the gas mileage was nil. It also got harder and harder to climb down into it and back up out of it - I'm not as young as I was ten years ago....

Anyone else from this part of the world?

p.s. My moniker is audiking, as I owned a 2001 A4 Variant diesel while I was living in Heidelberg, Germany for seven years. Loved my Audi, but they're way too expensive here in the States.


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