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I have a Ford C-max 1.8 Litre Diesel TDCi Titanium
I have been experiencing a problem for the last few months where the engine management light comes on when I plug in my OBD to see the diagnostic error codes I get the following:

Data bus, control module (BCM) – no communication

Data bus, instrumentation control module – no communication

I can clear the errors and the car will run fine most of the time.
I have found that if I have the heaters on full blast directed the foot well I don’t get the problem come back whilst driving. This leads me to believe that it is only the BCM that is the problem and not the instrument cluster, but I’m no expert.

These problems did only start about a week or 2 after the Car battery was replaced by RAC.
The only thing I have done since experiencing these problems is change all the fuses in the BCM.
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