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Hi all,
I have a problem with my ford cmax 1.6 TDCI 115CH de 2012.
The problem appeared during a long drive. Passage of the car in degraded mode
Diagnosic of the garage owner: 4 HS injectors + EGR valve except that he did not have the parts to change the injectors.
I had to go home (900km I was on vacation).
the maximum speed of the car was 90km / h
it is at 600Kms that the car got into fault with the engine, immediate overhaul with a bride at 2500- 3000 rpm max
I ended up going home.
I changed the 4 injectors and following a passage of forscan, I noticed a code error: accumulation of soot.
I remove the catalyseur DPF . It was hard. The connector between the dpf and the exhaust was welded by the rust !
I cut the screw with a dremel .I washed h the dpf just with water but i don't see dirty water .
The water who exit is clean like potable water with a llite part of soot.I wen up the dpf and i 've had a P244D error : Temperatur too high for the regeneration but after a lot of acceleration this problem is cleared.

I read that the injectors on this car, need some learning and to do this, i need to take the road and mounted to 3000tr/min and let the car decelerate by itself but i have a problem.
The car goes in degraded mode with the DTC P029B -> limit min injector and the DTC P00BC->air flow too low.
So i decided to check my MAF , MAP, RPM, but for me the values is correct :

I will wash the MAP and the MAF and change my air filter.
Sorry for this big texte and for my bad english :) but you are my only hope

My Maf g/s: 9 for RPM : 780tr/min
in an anotherforum, a user told me , is not possible
Best Regards

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hi there, firstly when you changed the injectors did you enter the new injector numbers off the top?
see image
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