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Hi All,

Got an 08 C-Max about 6 weeks ago as a run-around. It’s doing great so far.

Would appreciate some advice on a couple of things;

Yesterday the battery was totally flat and I needed a jump start. Tested the battery and it seems fine, no lights were left on so unsure of how it drained.

One possibility is that I have a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into the 12v socket, but this turn off after a couple of minutes. Is there a chance this is still drawing power even though it’s powered off? Though I’ve had this the entire time I’ve had the car and it’s been sat for longer periods and this is the first battery issue I’ve had.

Also noticed yesterday someone has run off with the plastic blank that covers where a fog light would go on the drivers side.

I’ve looked online and eBay to find a replacement but I’m struggling. Does anyone know where I could get one, or the part number to help me search?

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