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Hi all,

Over lockdown we made the mistake of letting the battery die on the cmax, turned out it was the original battery from new (2011).
It is a 1.6 diesel Titanium.
I had a garage replace the battery (lazy yes) and it was a lot cheaper than I had looked online... since having it replaced the following faults have come up- Child lock malfunction, ABS light, Tyre Pressure System and Hill Assist doesn’t work.
Had the car in the garage yesterday and they claim they have replaced the faulty ABS sensor and the faults cleared.
I drove it today and all are back again!!!
Could this all be related to the garage putting the wrong battery on? Unsure what type of battery i would need? Euro Parts say one that is £100+ more expensive than the one the garage fitted?!
Can anyone give any ideas on this please?
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