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Good morning, I'm at my wits end with this car. (2006 2.0 tdci zetec) on 133k
I had the dmf and clutch replaced just under 18 months ago. Cost me a grand.

A few weeks ago after MOT the garage spotted a leak in the exhaust flex, so took it in to fix. All done, but they said the lower mount needed replacing as it was wrecked. I saw the one they took off, i checked the work afterwards and looked ok. Since that day, I've had an annoying grinding noise on acceleration between 25/35 mph. Faster than that there is nothing untoward. Gears change fine and runs ok. But today the grinding noise got worse, at first it sounded like dragging or caught up plastic panel or something so spent last night checking all loose panels, wheel arches,etc. Even checked for loose exhaust and shields. All fine. The noise now is a grinding noise as soon as you move off in 1st, and thru the gears. Wierd is if you take foot off gas, noise stops. Also seems worse when going up an incline. I'm gonna try and get it to a garage, for a service and check, but it's doing my head in now. Anyone got any ideas, hopefully it's not expensive, as i want to sell it this year. And don't want to sell a lemon. Any help appreciated :unsure:

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