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Welcome to theC-Max owners club

For those who have just joined,please sayhello and introduce yourself in the newbies section and of course let us know what C-Max you have.
Can I ask that if you are joining this site (and any users already signed up), you write down your C-Max year, engine and trim level in your signature please.

Alot of new users are signing up and asking questions about problems with their C-Maxs but forgetting to include details that help other members advise them. If you write it into your signature you won't need to keep writing it down in posts and when you make comments about your experiences of the car it will help identify them with a specific car/engine.

In order to add a signature:
Go to Member Control Panel in the box above next to the blue cog.
Click Edit Profile
And then you'll see a box next to 'Signature'. For you to type the details in.

I suggest Year, Engine and Trim Level, eg2004 2.0 TDCI Ghia,but feel free to add anything extra you wish.

It should mean a much better experience for everyone and quicker replies to your questions.

If you have any questions, please before posting,use the search function at the top of the page as many questions have been asked.

If you cannot find what you need or perhaps you wish to give someadvice then please post this in the relevant section in the forum so that other people can find it!
Enjoy your stay

(With thanks to Gepard for addtional information)Edited by: lawe
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