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As many of us have had to have a new condenser & gone to fraud,I decided to use a local independant guy.His company (franchise) is called CoolCar.
I got a price for a used condenser from partsgateway @£78.20 inc vat delivered.
Frauds price £229 + fitting.
CoolCar are a national franchise company with £1 Mill of stock.
I got back from seeing him after he told me my condenser was bust and went to his web site & ordered a new one from them £98.13 inc vat & del.
When it comes he will fit it for mee too so total cost will be under £200 for parts & lab.
They also regas from £49 & service from £60.
He told me the air con system is NOT covered by fraud warranty so beware.
Another useful tip from him,as the condensers are easily holed,try putting a couple of layers of fine mesh across the frontof it to stop stones etc hitting & holeing.
The price I got is the same for all C-Max no matter what engine/year.
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