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on one of the hottest days this year the air con was working great until i parked up for a few minutes,
after scratching my head i took it to a certain tyre place who said the system was full and pressurised.
they also said there had been some sort of leak by the pipe into the compressor!
took it to a garage who reported the ac pipe had failed and quoted 270 to fix.
this was due to the front end having to be removed.
ebay had the pipe for 40 quid so i did it my self and got the system regassed.
still no good.
all relays ok
all fuses ok.
compressor clutch comes on.

i noticed that the engine fan did not come on with air con turned on.
checked power to fan and all seems ok.
unconnected battery to try and clear any faults,then had engine management light come on with icy road warning as well.
so now i'm thinking "here come the gremlins!"
tried to find the outside temp was next to driver side h/light behind the bumper,
unplugged battery for 20 mins and the engine management light went out and the outside temp started very slowly to climb,
last but not least i found that the remote closing of windows has to be reset.
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