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I picked up a 1.8 TDCi titanium 2008 C-Max 3 weeks ago.
The air con doesn't work, so I got kwikfit to recharge, but this didn't work. They said the compressor isn't kicking in. So whilst the car was in with my mechanic he had a quick look for me and said that he doesn't think its got gas in. I took it somewhere else yesterday and they confirmed no gas, but when we tried to fill the compressor won't engage. Basically the clutch isn't working. We removed the plate and cleaned it up. We then tried removing the washer which basically put the compressor stuck on and the gas could be pumped in and the compressor worked as the air got colder.
We tried a smaller thinkness washer but this didn't help, so now I'm trying to find a replacement clutch for the compressor. I found one on ebay that should fit, but when they check my vin number it comes back as not compatible.
I don't want to spend loads on getting it working, but I do want to get it working. I'm not comfortable having it on all the time, so have returned it to not working at all.
Anyone have any suggestions on places that might supply a clutch for the compressor, I have someone to fit I just have to source it myself.
Thank you in adavnce.
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