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Required Item: Clear PVC Hose, and a old 4 or 5 liter oil bottle and 1 x 2 liter coke bottle

Cut a whole in the lid and insert then seal the PVC Pipe, connect the other end to the Diesel Return Line (split the hose above the filter at the connector and connect there, green clip on it)

Fill oil container with water as hot as you can manage, repeat a couple of times make the container HOT HOT HOT, take container out to car, empty it, screw on lid quickly and poor the cold water all over the now empty and sealed container.

Watch fuel lines as fuel ill pulled thru the system under vacume on return.

Start car.

Hold up revs (1500 or so) to build enough rotational energy for the soon to start misfires (air being passed), after a 1 min, switch off, restore the return line connections.

Start the car and leave on the drive to idle for about 10 mins,i continued to missfire for a few mins, just a few dead misses here and there.

Once shes warmed up and ideling nice, use second gear and strech her legs on a fast ish bit of road, the high revs will increase rail pressure and force the last of the air out of the system

You try this at your own risk, i am not a mechanic, i changed the filters on my own, and had alot of air, the haynes manuall wasnt usefull and nore at the youtube
videos on the whole, so this was how i did it. Very very crude and simple but it works

Side note, the thicker the container you use (to get hot hot hot) the more vacume your gonna pull, and the faster this will blead. DO NOT USE STIFF PASTICS, they wont work
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