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2004 2.0 Litre TDCI (Diesel)

Hello everyone,
I'm coming to this one from a slightly different angle (I think!).

My car turns over but won't start. I've used FORScan and three codes have popped up, remaining after clearing others:

P1213 - Injector circuit malfunction - Signal is above maximum threshold;
U1900 - CAN Communication bus fault - Receive error;
P1628 - Module ignition supply input malfunction - Hardwired Ignition state and CAN do not match.

In absence of any advice as to what this combination of DTCs means, I would first like to inspect the injector circuit, but to do that I would like a wiring diagram for reference.
Can anyone please help me with locating a suitable diagram / workshop manual that includes this circuit? I have looked at several possibilities online and have asked these folks if they can supply a manual and comprehensive diagram:
Unfortunately, after taking some vehicle details, I have heard no more from them.
I haven't looked at the Haynes example, but from my previous experience of their products, I doubt that will have what I need (of course, I could be wrong).
I don't mind at all about paying for the manual / diagram, but I don't want something that lacks the detailed information to help me diagnose the problem.

I would greatly appreciate your help.

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