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  1. Technical
    Hello! I've an issue with my tow bar (or towbar, tow ball ). I pressed the button long and short to close the bar, but - due to technical reasons - I'we missed to move it under the car during the beep interval. After c.a. 2 minutes is stopped the beeping, and later I could close it. Next time I...
  2. Modifications
    I’m looking at getting a tow bar fitted to my 2011 grand cmax. There seems to be loads out there but not sure which type to go for. I like the sound of being able to remove it when not needed or I saw someone saying about one that swings out of view?? I haven’t been able to find one of them. Has...
  3. Technical
    Hello people, I have a 2010(10-15) ford c max. It seems it's had a towbar before hand and the electrics are still there but I'm confused on what bar I need? Any advice? Thanks.
  4. Technical
    Anyone help I have just paid £90 for a detachable towbar and it does not fit, I have a 2010 1.8 titanium. I have attached pics of the fitting which I removed.
1-4 of 4 Results