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  1. General
    Hi, just brought a 2015 c max titanium. It has all the buttons and the sync options already installed, to suggest it has bluetooth. But clicking ok on sync settings, nothing happens. We tried doing upgrade to sync 3, but cant do that as need to enter into sync settings. There is a usb, in the...
  2. Technical
    Good morning all! Hope you are all well considering the current worldwide situation. Hoping someone may be able to assist me with tracking down where this fault may be arising from and sorry if it has already been posted before. Currently my 2011 for C-max titanium is constantly showing...
  3. Technical
    Hi, I have a 2016 CMax (1.6 Petrol). I think I tried to draw too much current from the USB port in the armrest, and that seems to have taken out the power from all the audio unit, and the Sync unit. I've checked all the likely fuses on the passenger compartment fuse box, F67, F79, F81, and F85...
1-3 of 3 Results