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  1. C-max 04 2.0 TDCI Limp mode or Shaking

    Fault Codes & Fault Diagnosis
    Hi Guys, I am a new member of this platform. I am living in Budapest and have some problem with my c-max . when I start the engine (ESP) light is coming up and the performance is getting too low. as I searched that its called 'Limp mode).if I restart the car its removing or coming up again and...
  2. Coasting and idle issues

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys and girls. New member here! My fiancé and I are expecting our first child next month and my car of choice to ferry us around is a 07 Ford C-Max Titanium. Very happy with the purchase all in all, but I’ve encountered a couple of issue which I hope someone may be able to help with...